Navajo textile hand woven with natural dyes. "The Universe is Ours" is a textile that I recently completed as part of my 2022 Collection Series. This piece is about the "celebration of life." Every day is a sacred journey and the empowerment of self love, beauty can be restored with peace and balance. Hummingbirds symbolize joy, happiness and beauty. They bring positive energy and  guiding you to spiritual place of peace and blessing you with its pixty dust magic. 


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  • 27-1/2" x 38" 100% Hand dyed  and Hand Woven on Vertical Loom. Technique:Horizontal/InterlockPictorial Weaving, Finely woven/sport weight at 66 wefts per inch. Dye work: 12 Shades of Rabbit Brush/Indigo, wild carrot, madder root, Elder berry leaves  and Cochineal.